company Thank You Notes - 4 Major Tips

Some habitancy like writing business thank you notes and others don't. Are you one of the ones who don't? Never fear: here are some hints, tips, and sample thank you wording just for you.

1. Be as clear and easy as possible. This isn't English class - your business company aren't expecting whatever flowery. In fact, they would probably prefer something, quick, simple, and to the point.

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In other words: cover your bases, but don't linger on them. What's the best way to do this?

2. Write like you talk. Most of us are much good talkers than we are writers. Forget what you learned in English class and just write like you talk. Just say what you want to say, out loud, and then write it down.

Sound too easy to be good? It's a shame we've been taught that writing has to be complicated. It doesn't. Just think of what you'd like to say, in your quarterly speaking voice out loud, and write it down!

3. Take the extra dinky to write on paper instead of just sending an email. "Snail mail" is still much more productive for this kind of thing than email. Sending physical mail shows you really took the time to sit down to write and mail something, versus just dashing it off speedily on your computer.

You'll all the time want to use good paper, instead of just plain old copy paper. This good paper can be your business letterhead. You can also get business thank you notes supplies (special heavy-stock thank you cards, personalized cards, etc.) from your local office contribute or stationary store.

4. Address your thank you words to a definite man and not just to the company. Even if you didn't really meet with a business representative, but still have infer to send thanks, make sure you find out the most thorough man to address. It really can't hurt in the future for them to feel appreciated.

Sample thank you note wording:


Thank you so much for recommending us to the startup Isp in New Smyrna. David Jauss called today, asking about our VoIp phones and other technology, and I think it's going to be a go for us both.

I know you're busy enough with your own work, and I just want to thank you for taking the time to recommend me and my company. I'll be finding for an opening to return the favor.



In conclusion, just be yourself and transport your true thoughts when composing your business thank you notes.

company Thank You Notes - 4 Major Tips

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