16 - Customizing a Letter template with RealtyJuggler Real Estate Software.

16 - Customizing a Letter template with RealtyJuggler Real Estate Software. Video Clips. Duration : 2.77 Mins.

Tutorial describes how to create your own custom letter template (mail form) for use with printed letters as well as eMails. www.realtyjuggler.com

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New Websites: Color Copies USA announces their new website release for Q1 2011

New Websites: Color Copies USA announces their new website release for Q1 2011 Tube. Duration : 1.55 Mins.

www.colorcopiesusa.com "Video Press Release" Color Copies USA announces that a new website is going to be made public during Q1, 2011. "Updating our website to take advantage of new technologies in the printing, data processing tools and instant estimating capabilities is something that we've been working on for a long time. We know that our customers and public at large will benefit from this new platform" said Vivian at our sales department. New websites usually incorporate the latest in the industry, and in this case you will find yourself with so many new options! We know that you'll like it. Under the new platform you will be able to 1 - Get instant pricing 2 - See instant proofs in most of the cases, right after uploading your printing files 3 - Online design: Customizing business cards, letterhead, brochures, postcards and more will be some of the features to become available to you 4 - Exclusive Branded Stores: We will be able to create upon request, branded stores, or corporate stores to make the ordering process of business cards, full color brochures, color copies, retractable banners, promotional items and direct mailing campaigns really easy and efficient. In the privacy of your own private portal, you will be able to see the products that you regularly order, a purchase history, and customize certain documents such as business cards. Color Copies USA is getting ready and working hard. Give us a call at 1-877-421-0668 to find out how to partner with our ...

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"Online Branding" by Preston Howell

"Online Branding" by Preston Howell Tube. Duration : 1.63 Mins.

Examples of how to maximize your brand potential on the web by using your company logo in various ways: Logo | Icon | Favicon | Graphics | Website | Blog | Article | Facebook | Twitter | Letter Head | Email Signature | More... Strategy and Design by Media Expert Preston Howell. You can connect with me @prestonhowell or facebook.com/Media.Consultant

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StartHER UP Branding & Logo Program by Michelle Ghilotti Int'l

StartHER UP Branding & Logo Program by Michelle Ghilotti Int'l Tube. Duration : 3.20 Mins.

www.ghilottiink.com Savvy, Smarty-pants female entrepreneurs: Are you not attracting the kind of clients you are aching to work with? Do you see other women whose businesses are taking off, and wonder what they've got that you haven't? Do you long to take your business to the next-level and attract IDEAL clients CONSISTENTLY but haven't yet? It's not your commitment or level of expertise. In fact, cients rave about working with you. If this isn't happening for you or if you cringe when handing over your business card or when someone sees your email communication or (fill in the blank), it's probably your branding! The StartHER UP Branding & Logo Package by Michelle Ghilotti Int'l is created to help women UP their confidence and UP their business stature and prosperity or profits! Take me UP on my 17 years of experience and let's get you finally ringing in 2012 with an identity that truly says WHO you are and WHAT you offer. got questions? Go to the Michelle Ghilotti facebook page, www.facebook.com and schedule a time to chat with the Schedule Now app on the left hand side under our banner. michelle@ghilottiink.com Cheers! Go for your best: www.ghilottiink.com

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What do Fairies, Pixies & the star of this Short Video (2.29 min) have in common?

What do Fairies, Pixies & the star of this Short Video (2.29 min) have in common? Video Clips. Duration : 2.48 Mins.

Thanks for watching the video. On Sunday 21st August, my beautiful daughter turns 4 years old. I thought it'd be a great opportunity to have a week-long special. You see, she's been bugging me to be in one of my 'work' videos, so today I thought I'd let her be the star! If you havent watched, it is a quick entertaining 2 and a half minutes worth watching. Otherwise if you have and are interested in the special offer.- Below are some more details And the Winner Is.... Holli threw the paper planes and the offer that went the furthest was: 25% off Letterheads, With Comp Slips and Envelopes. So here's a quick chart of pricing: email me or give me a call if you want quotes on different quantities. Letterheads 500 x Full Colour A4 Letterheads = 0 7.50 -- Save .50 1000 x Full Colour A4 Letterheads = 1 0.75 -- Save .25 2000 x Full Colour A4 Letterheads = 8 8.50 -- Save 9.50 5000 x Full Colour A4 Letterheads = 3 7.25 -- Save 5.75 DL With Compliment Slips 500 x Full Colour DL With Compliment Slips = 4 8.00 - Save 1000 x Full Colour DL With Compliment Slips = 5 1.25 -- Save .75 2000 x Full Colour DL With Compliment Slips = 5 8.75 -- Save .25 5000 x Full Colour DL With Compliment Slips = 6 4.50 -- Save 1.50 Envelopes 500 x Full Colour DL Envelopes = 0 2.50 -- Save .50 1000 x Full Colour DL Envelopes = 6 4.50 -- Save 1.50 2000 x Full Colour DL Envelopes = 9 6.75 -- Save 2.25 5000 x Full ...

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VTNIPS Video 05-31-2011 Book Reviews and Contest

VTNIPS Video 05-31-2011 Book Reviews and Contest Tube. Duration : 8.53 Mins.

This is the second video created by the National Investigative Paranormal Society (NIPS). Please visit us online at www.vermontparanormal.net. Below are all of the books that are reviewed in this video as well as the links to amazon.com to purchase them. Green Mountain Ghosts, Ghouls, & Unsolved Mysteries www.amazon.com Haunted Vermont: Ghosts and Strange Phenomena of the Green Mountain State: www.amazon.com Weird New England: www.amazon.com Curious New England: The Unconventional Traveler's Guide to Eccentric Destinations: www.amazon.com The Everything Ghost Hunting Book: www.amazon.com *The Contest* The first VTNIPS contest is for the National Investigative Paranormal Society's Handbook by Daniel Williams and Arthur Bombard. Below are the rules: 1. In order to be entered into the drawing you must comment on any VTNIPS video. 2. You are allowed to comment multiple times which results in multiple entries. In other words, the more you comment the more likelihood you have of winning. 3. The drawing will take place on Friday, June 17th, 2011. 4. If you are the winner VTNIPS will email you at your YouTube inbox and request your address. Once VTNIPS has received this information we will promptly send your prize. If you would like to purchase this book directly you can visit lulu.com at: www.lulu.com If you would like the forms that are included in the book to be without the NIPS letterhead please email Dan Williams at dwilliams@vermontparanormal.net or send a request through ...

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Using letterhead and signatures in Lotus Notes 8

Using letterhead and signatures in Lotus Notes 8 Video Clips. Duration : 2.25 Mins.

How to use letterhead and signatures in IBM Lotus Notes 8.

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What is Email Etiquette?

What is Email Etiquette? Tube. Duration : 9.68 Mins.

This ASL video goes into depth discussing what type of emails are appropriate and how to compose such emails. Additionally, some tips and strategies are given. This project was created and developed under the collaboration of Livingston County Michigan Works, Career Alliance of Genesee County, Ann Arbor Center of Independent Living, DPAN, and Communication Works for the Deaf (CWD).

Tags: Email, Etiquette, ASL, deaf, hard, of, hearing, how, to, guide, teach, learn, job, search, work, office, help, workshop, training


paragonprinting.co.uk | High Quality Digital Printing Services

paragonprinting.co.uk | High Quality Digital Printing Services Tube. Duration : 6.27 Mins.

Paragon Printing for the highest quality digital printing services in the UK. Excellent design & print including logos, brochures, leaflets, business cards, letterhead, flyers & banners. Overnight UK Delivery! Based in Manchester, Paragon is one of the UK's leading companies for the production of digital direct image printing services providing print for the whole of the UK. We have constantly kept up-to-date with technological advances in printing processes. Our creative studio has outstanding talents in producing solutions to suit most marketing needs. Paragon were one of the first companies in the country to print with direct-to-press technology in 1997, and the knowledge and experience that our printers have acquired since then has placed us in an enviable position. A reactive marketing support house, Paragon works closely with marketing managers, sales directors and business principals to produce all the visible parts of the marketing mix. The Creative Studio operates a complete digital platform, utilising an Apple Macintosh network with integrated drum scanners, Heidelberg imagesetters and digital colour proofing systems and accepts all mainstream storage disks, ISDN or email.

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