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paragonprinting.co.uk | High Quality Digital Printing Services Tube. Duration : 6.27 Mins.

Paragon Printing for the highest quality digital printing services in the UK. Excellent design & print including logos, brochures, leaflets, business cards, letterhead, flyers & banners. Overnight UK Delivery! Based in Manchester, Paragon is one of the UK's leading companies for the production of digital direct image printing services providing print for the whole of the UK. We have constantly kept up-to-date with technological advances in printing processes. Our creative studio has outstanding talents in producing solutions to suit most marketing needs. Paragon were one of the first companies in the country to print with direct-to-press technology in 1997, and the knowledge and experience that our printers have acquired since then has placed us in an enviable position. A reactive marketing support house, Paragon works closely with marketing managers, sales directors and business principals to produce all the visible parts of the marketing mix. The Creative Studio operates a complete digital platform, utilising an Apple Macintosh network with integrated drum scanners, Heidelberg imagesetters and digital colour proofing systems and accepts all mainstream storage disks, ISDN or email.

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