StartHER UP Branding & Logo Program by Michelle Ghilotti Int'l

StartHER UP Branding & Logo Program by Michelle Ghilotti Int'l Tube. Duration : 3.20 Mins.

www.ghilottiink.com Savvy, Smarty-pants female entrepreneurs: Are you not attracting the kind of clients you are aching to work with? Do you see other women whose businesses are taking off, and wonder what they've got that you haven't? Do you long to take your business to the next-level and attract IDEAL clients CONSISTENTLY but haven't yet? It's not your commitment or level of expertise. In fact, cients rave about working with you. If this isn't happening for you or if you cringe when handing over your business card or when someone sees your email communication or (fill in the blank), it's probably your branding! The StartHER UP Branding & Logo Package by Michelle Ghilotti Int'l is created to help women UP their confidence and UP their business stature and prosperity or profits! Take me UP on my 17 years of experience and let's get you finally ringing in 2012 with an identity that truly says WHO you are and WHAT you offer. got questions? Go to the Michelle Ghilotti facebook page, www.facebook.com and schedule a time to chat with the Schedule Now app on the left hand side under our banner. michelle@ghilottiink.com Cheers! Go for your best: www.ghilottiink.com

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