A New advent to Letterhead Printing

Letterhead printing is required for most business houses. All the industrial dealings are performed with the valid participation of business letterheads. Many business owners treat this item as ordinary office stationery but there are numerous business owners who intend to use this as an effective promotional tool. They give more point to the creation of a letterheads and envelopes so that it can withhold good promotional corollary over and above the usual business purpose.

With the turn of time, the reasoning has also changed and citizen have started to originate new faces of letterheads. The approved reasoning to use the letterheads for industrial correspondences only has changed into using them as an effective promotional accessory for the company.


It is very much clear by the looks of contemporary letterheads. You will find highly catchy letterhead designs which are creating interest in people. The proximity of fascinating graphics develop and use of colorful images provide further brightness to your letterheads.

It displays the image of the business and shows the business to be in tune with the contemporary world. The fascinating designs are catching the attention of citizen and your business benefits from the image building process through colorful business letterheads. Your business in the current world is signified with the trendy letterhead designs.

Your business is fascinating ahead with the industry line and the current trend is for the vivid and fashionable letterhead printing. Your brand positioning will be thriving when you approach a high capability printing business to originate fascinating and beautiful contemporary letterhead printing. It is time, when you are to turn the primary style of your letterhead and welcome the trendy designs in your letterhead printing to make it highly exciting.

Your contemporary letterhead will integrate the old logo and it will have further further designs side by side on the letterhead matching the entire lay out as a whole concept. You can take the withhold of online printing associates where you can get some ready made templates for your new letterhead printing. You can also use the designing tool offered by dependable printing associates to come out with a fantastic develop for your new letterhead.

A New advent to Letterhead Printing


Mail on the iPad (MacMost Now 383)

Mail on the iPad (MacMost Now 383) Video Clips. Duration : 3.65 Mins.

macmost.com Take a look at the Mail app on the iPad. It has a beautiful design and is very easy to use. But it lacks powerful features.

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BizCenter.flv Video Clips. Duration : 0.82 Mins.

Business Center Services: Computer Workstations -- High speed computer access, scanning, & printing. Laptop and Copier/Printer Rentals with state of the art equipment. Faxing - national and international. UPS and FedEx -- packaging and shipping. Custom Services with a Tech-Savvy staff -- CD Burning, Banners, Posters, Name Tags. Wireless Internet -- Portable wireless cards available upon request. Printing & photocopying -- (Wireless Printing anywhere on the property) Black & white as well as color, transparencies, enlargements and reductions. Custom Desktop Publishing -- Resumes, flyers, letterhead, stationary, business cards, brochures, marketing materials, newsletters, forms, PowerPoint presentations, name badges, place cards, menus. Presentation Supplies -- Supplies such as name badges, tent cards, place cards, posters and signs can be ordered through the Business Center. Contact our in-house audio-visual representative for presentation equipment. Exclusive to Business Center Solutions: Track To Me How it works: Hand held barcode reader scans all incoming packages and pallets Our software stores package information until you elect to remove it Instant text message or email notification to hotel guests Hard copy acceptance and billing statement for your guests to sign Visit TrackToMe.com

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RealCIS: Automated business for absolute acreage & accompanying companies

RealCIS: Automated business for absolute acreage & accompanying companies Tube. Duration : 5.00 Mins.

JKG Group provides marketing services and FREE private, secure Web portals for real estate companies, mortgage lenders, property developers, and management companies. Whether you need Just Listed postcards, direct mail, single property Websites, brochures, email campaigns, business cards or social media marketing, RealCIS is the platform that can tie it all together for you. Decentralize access to managed data, electronic forms, or other printed forms and collateral online with RealCIS. Control your branding and your data with rules-based templates and selective user access. Maximize efficiency (do more with less) and drive profit to your bottom line. Implement and configure a RealCIS solution for just a few users or for thousands of users. Call JKG Group at 561-241-1999 to get started with RealCIS today.

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Creating a Marketing Presentation Kit

A good marketing kit can get your foot in the door with a new client, or can help your company get some attentiveness through the press. Here are a few tips to help you get going.

Determining The Purpose:


Before you jump headlong into creating your presentation kit, you will want to put some belief into what the purpose of your kit will be. Who, for instance will be the intended audience? What is the goal, and how do you intend to use it? If you can, have a conversation with those citizen in your company (most likely your sales force) who are down there on the front lines every day and will be using the kit more than whatever else. Get as much of their input as you can, taking care to find out what it is that they believe will help them do their job better, carry more information more easily, and to get more sales. Then make sure that you contain or make these materials as need be.

Assembling the Material:

The types of material that you will want to contain are: a cover letter, a press release, a background and biographical page, a page of testimonials (from satisfied customers or clients), and any marketing collateral such as brochures, that you have already developed. Depending on the purpose of your kit, you may also want to contain price lists, fliers, extra promotions, press clippings, and awards as well as a high resolution company logo..

Make sure that the material you contain is fascinating to the eye, indeed readable, and contains plenty of graphics and photographs. If the purpose of your kit it to get press, photographs will make the jobs of the media outlets a lot easier. If the kit is to show to potential clients, photographs of the product in use or thumbnail sized head shots help the client to visualize the product in ask or to play up the human angle in your business.

Your press publish should read like a news story and contain quotes and touch information. There are lots of free tutorials online that will show you how to make a great press release, so check them out.

The background/bio page should consist of a brief company history and perhaps a list of noted clients or customers. You should also contain touch information for the major players at your company, and the cover letter should be personally signed by your top ranking officer.

You should also, of course, contain a company card. If the kit is going out to a hope or a current client, the salesperson's company card should be included. If the kit is going out to members of the press, the card should be that of your Pr man or company.

Printing and Binding:

All pages should be printed on high-quality company letterhead, and photos should be in color. As far as binding, there are many options including spiral coil, or you can simply place the pages inside an fascinating log folder. Binding machines, however, can give you a terminated product with a more pro appearance and permanent feel. They are cheap and easy to use, so you can tailor your kits to a definite audience and have them ready to go out the door at a moment's notice.

Creating a Marketing Presentation Kit


Fabusend - How it works!

Fabusend - How it works! Tube. Duration : 0.45 Mins.


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How to Come Up With a Great Tagline Or catchword

My clients are all the time request how I can up with great slogans. The private is very simple, have a clear idea of who your key store is and what they want. That's the ground of being for your business, your calculate for existing.

Do Your Homework
Once you know exactly who and how you serve them, the motto approximately writes itself. Remember I said almost, next you have to sit down and write about hundred slogans. Try not to judge or fix any of them as you are writing them down, just get as many written down as possible.

Email Letterhead

Walk Away
Wait at least 24 hours and look at them again (with fresh eyes). Now, pick out the ones that surely sound good. The ones that transport the main benefit of using your goods or service. And also the extra potential I call rhythm (it sounds good to the ear). Most good slogans are very short, because you want to quickly get the readers attention. And its easier to remember when its very short.

The Art Is In The Details
At this point I'll resolve on about half a dozen slogans to start enhancing on. enhancing a motto involves fine tuning it, adding a word or even a letter here and there. Or you may need to subtract a word or a letter. Remember a good motto can help you get a great deal of customers so take some time developing it.

Logo Vs Slogan
Your logo, in my idea is not as leading as the slogan. A photograph is not worth a thousand words. Population will remember and act on a good slogan, but a logo takes time to surely make an impression. But I see so many businesses who have nice logos without slogans.

Test, Test, Test
The next step is to take your new motto out for a ride, show it to a few Population and get some feedback. Compare it to the competition and get a feel for how the store will react to it. After doing all this work on it you'll know when you've hit on the right slogan, something just clicks.

Creating a good motto is hard work, but it's also fun. A good motto can last for decades and help make a firm very successful. Just remember to use it everywhere, on your logo, website, letterhead and firm cards.

How to Come Up With a Great Tagline Or catchword


The Ethical Dilemmas of Providing Or Not Providing References

A very coarse dilemma, which most managers contact at one time or another in their career, occurs when they get a call from man representing another company's Hr department, or maybe a hiring manager, who is calling to ask for a reference about one of our old employees or work colleagues. It is very likely that our firm procedure states that we can only confirm to the caller the name of the past employee, their former title and their dates of employment, and nothing more, or refer the caller to the Hr agency so that they can confirm the same data (Trevino and Nelson, 2005, p. 75).

After complying with the firm procedure by only providing this information, it isn't uncommon for the caller to ask if we couldn't pleas provide a small bit more data about the private which would help them make their decision on either or not to hire the individual. This may seem harmless, especially if we happen to know the worker was exquisite and of course you feel you could provide a good reference. Or, we may be tempted to raise the "red flag" and warn them to avoid the mistake and the headache that you dealt with! However, it is foremost to remember that "whenever you recognize yourself as an worker of your company, citizen can infer that you are speaking on profit of it, which is why.." (p.75) you must remember that anything you tell the private you are of course not speaking for yourself, but the company. "Most companies prohibit their personnel from officially supplying this type of data because of lawsuits that have resulted from employer-supplied recommendations (p. 75).

Email Letterhead

The same is true when the ex-employee asks you personally if you can provide a recommendation. If you use corporate letterhead or refer to your position in the company, then you are also representing the firm and it can be interpreted that you are speaking on profit of the company. While you may want to provide the favor, you should decline, unless you have permission from your employer. If you provide a reference as an private and not as a representative of the company, then you must not use your title, firm letterhead, your firm card, or anything else that would refer to your working connection within the firm (p. 75).

Another dilemma we may face as managers is either or not to blow the whistle on an private within our organizations. This becomes an ethical dilemma since we must decide either or not we are ethically bound to narrative data which have about unethical behavior of others within the firm or do nothing, which may seem safer from our personal perspective. However, it is foremost to remember that as managers, once we have received any data about any unethical behavior within the organization; it is our ethical and corporate accountability to make an attempt to post others within the corporation who may be able to take approved activity (p. 79). If we do not, then we come to be partly responsible for any damages since we had data but did not act.

Several years ago, while foremost a sales team, I was notified by one of our sales representatives that another of our representatives had on some occasions drank excessively dinners we sponsored for our clients. He stated that he did not want to cause problems for the individual; he felt that he had to let me know that while drinking the other representative said and did things that were not approved and reflected poorly on the company. Once I received the call, I found myself in a dilemma. I in fact had witnessed the other representative come to be loud when he drank at our firm meetings. While I personally did not feel he was drinking more than others in the team, I know that if I did not do something, that I may be risking relationships with our customers, the good faith of our company, or even worse, the security of one of my employees and or others who may be at danger because of inordinate drinking. I notified our local Hr representative and notified her of the situation and asked her for advice. With her maintain and the maintain of our worker assistance schedule we were able to address the situation in a way that was confidential to the private concerned and in a way that protected the firm and the individual.


Trevino, L., and Nelson, K., (2005). Corporate group accountability and managerial ethics. Hoboken, Nj: John Wiley and Sons, Inc.

The Ethical Dilemmas of Providing Or Not Providing References


Email Liability - Is Your enterprise Protected?

The dangers to fellowships posed by email article first got serious national concentration in the Microsoft anti-trust trial. The legal implications of the Microsoft suit, and other trials where cases have hinged on e-mail evidence, make it clear that companies, as well as individuals, are liable for what happens on their email system.

For example, in April 2002, an internal e-mail was sent from a Kpmg executive to 33 recipients stating that the firm had given a purposely incomplete list of tax security clients to the Irs, which prompted an additional one Kpmg executive to e-mail vice chairman Jeffrey Stein: "Given the sensitivity of this situation, should we be putting all this in print?" Plaintiff lawyers uncovered the damaging e-mails, which led Kpmg to admit to criminal wrongdoing and agree to pay 6 million.

Email Letterhead

In an additional one case, Wall road venture bank J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. Was ordered to pay .1 million in fines to resolve accusations that it failed to withhold e-mails sought in investigations of stock research analyst misconduct.

The most frequent cases, however, where e-mails are crucial exhibits are worker lawsuits against a company. These lawsuits consist of Sexual Harassment cases which often use as evidence e-mails by supervisors or other employees with lewd and sexually explicit content, discrimination cases which have used e-mails by employees containing racial or religious remarks or e-mails with comments on age, gender, or reproduction of an employee, and in defamation cases which use e-mails by employees commenting on someone's conduct, character, or performance.

The use of emails in lawsuits has become such a serious issue that many fellowships in the guarnatee commerce now offer policies for Internet and email liability. Coverage includes such items as damages associated with security breaches, as well as, libel, slander, and defamation of character. But, guarnatee aside, what can you do to safe you company?

Is it legal for a company to perform email auditing (sometimes called email monitoring), where email is checked after the actual transmission, and email interception (sometimes called email filtering), where email is intercepted and checked while transmission, on worker e-mail accounts? Well, yes and no. Cases in the United States have proven that both are permitted if (a) done in a reasonable manner, (b) backed up by an email policy, and (c) backed by worker training that has been documented.

The best security is a clear e-mail security Policies and Procedures document that covers all the potential danger zones, then well-planned, quarterly training that includes all new employees and all new updates to policies. The community for Human resource supervision urges their members to originate a clear training agenda to ensure allowable and sufficient use of email. One recognize claims that 73% of fellowships do not offer Web training and 70% do not have a written article security policy.

Another prominent security fellowships can adopt is the increasing of legal disclaimers in the footer of every e-mail. Since article sent via email carries the same weight, legally, as those sent on company letterhead, if the email address includes the name of a company, a disclaimer such as, "the views of this email and of company X's employees do not necessarily reflect the views of company X," should be built into the template of every company e-mail account.

Another good idea is to emphasize in training, and with intermittent e-mails/memos reminders, that employees must remember that the email theory is for company use, not personal use, and that their emails to others should be treated with the same respect as a company letter or memo. Also, it is a good idea to remind employees in writing that company email accounts belong to the company and are, therefore, not confidential for the employee, only the company. Employees should also be instructed to reveal what they have written before they send their messages and not send messages without verifying the accuracy of the factual data to be conveyed and verifying that the data about to be sent is not confidential information.

Email Liability - Is Your enterprise Protected?


What the Heck is Branding and Why Should I Care?

There's been a lot of buzz lately about branding. But what exactly is it, and who needs to do it? naturally put, a brand is what makes your company uniquely You! It's the way you present your company and how the world perceives it. And, importantly, it's the way your clients remember you when it comes time to make other purchase. Branding encompasses your key marketing messages and tagline, logo, marketing materials, image, and your clients' perfect feel with you from start to finish.

Do you think branding is just for those big companies, like FedEx and Coca-Cola?
No way! Branding is just as important to small company owner like us. By creating a
unique image and message, we tell the world what we're all about. And if potential
customers like what they see, they're sure to become money-making clients!

Email Letterhead

Okay, so you have a great logo, and you use it on your brochure and company card.
That's a great start to building an image for your company. But, have you taken it
any further? maybe you have a unique plan that identifies your company, or a
specific clientele, or a great buyer assistance policy.

However your brand yourself, make sure you're carrying it over to All aspects of
your business. Consistency in your image and message is so important to portray
your company's vision. When potential clients see your brochure or web site, they
get an idea of your services, your personality, your commitment to them as
customers, and the way you do business. Don't have an identity accident by mixing
messages. Stick to one key concept, and do it well!

Getting Started

While branding your company may seem overwhelming, it's admittedly quite simple! Ask
yourself these questions:

1. "What services or products do I offer?"

2. "What do people think when they hear my name?"

3. "What sets me apart from others in my field?"

4. "What do I want my clients to remember about their feel with me?"

5. "What type of clients do I want to work with?"

By answering these questions, you're on your way to determining not only your key
marketing message and tagline, but also your option client and unique position in
your industry.

Consistency over The Board
Are all of your connections with your clients consistent? Make a great presence
in your commerce by incorporating your branding into every opening for client

o marketing materials (brochures, company cards)

o web site

o letterhead and thank you notes

o newsletters and e-zines

o proposals, invoices, receipts, and other forms

o postcards and other keep-in-touch direct mail methods

o presentations, handouts, and report covers

o advertising and media interaction

o thank you gifts

o your 60-second commercial

o voice mail messages and on-hold music

o email signatures

o your personal appearance

Remember, your brand is your promise of the feel that your clients expect
and receive from you! I encourage each of you to take some time this month to
determine and voice your brand. You'll make it easy for your clients to have a
distinct thinking image of you. And not only will your clients better understand your
offerings, You will voice your position to yourself, helping with all hereafter
marketing efforts!

Copyright 2005 Time to Organize. All rights reserved.

What the Heck is Branding and Why Should I Care?


Online Envelope Printing - The Things That certainly Are Free

Envelope printing comes with many things - a guarantee, satisfaction, maybe a smile. In the online world, convention envelope printing can come with freebies too. But which ones are truly freebies, like the kind when you get something for nothing? Some offer incentives like 250 free enterprise cards, which can sometimes be bait just to throw you incommunicable charges later on. Here are the real deals when it comes to online printers.

Free Digital Proofing

Email Letterhead

Perhaps the most useful for the time-saving enterprise person, free digital proofs means fast transportation when it comes to your personalized envelope printing. You don't have to go the hard copy route (unless you personally ask it) before it's sent to the printers. A quick once-over for grammatical, spelling and other errors is positively done via email and online chat. Any corrections that must be made are readily arranged before it goes to press.

Free Online Templates

For the do-it-yourselfer, most online printing fellowships offer free form templates available for download at their web sites. Simply add your own creative content to a specified product's print-ready form and you're all set to go. There's no hassle with pre-layout formalities which makes the whole process move efficiently for both you and the printer. Try one out today at your popular convention printing company.

Free Sample Kits

Not quite sure which place to choose? ask free sample kits with a simple phone call or email. You'll likely receive a smattering of convention samples all built to varied specifications for your convenience. enterprise cards, brochures, postcards and door hangers, you'll be able to sample them all for texture, weight, gloss and durability before you spend the dough for your latest marketing effort. It could prove to be the contrast in the middle of a good enterprise and a great company.

Free Advice

You're already manufacture a buy for quality marketing products; why not pick their brains about it? Maybe this is an respond to some of your enterprise doldrums you've been experiencing, or maybe envelope printing will improve an already proven recipe for gaining loyal customers. Many forget that printing experts are also marketing professionals - they go hand in hand.

The best advice? inspect their every choice to make sure you know exactly what you're paying for as well as what's available to you as far as product branding and customization go. These are the real freebies available at online envelope printing companies; take benefit of them today!

Online Envelope Printing - The Things That certainly Are Free