How to Come Up With a Great Tagline Or catchword

My clients are all the time request how I can up with great slogans. The private is very simple, have a clear idea of who your key store is and what they want. That's the ground of being for your business, your calculate for existing.

Do Your Homework
Once you know exactly who and how you serve them, the motto approximately writes itself. Remember I said almost, next you have to sit down and write about hundred slogans. Try not to judge or fix any of them as you are writing them down, just get as many written down as possible.

Email Letterhead

Walk Away
Wait at least 24 hours and look at them again (with fresh eyes). Now, pick out the ones that surely sound good. The ones that transport the main benefit of using your goods or service. And also the extra potential I call rhythm (it sounds good to the ear). Most good slogans are very short, because you want to quickly get the readers attention. And its easier to remember when its very short.

The Art Is In The Details
At this point I'll resolve on about half a dozen slogans to start enhancing on. enhancing a motto involves fine tuning it, adding a word or even a letter here and there. Or you may need to subtract a word or a letter. Remember a good motto can help you get a great deal of customers so take some time developing it.

Logo Vs Slogan
Your logo, in my idea is not as leading as the slogan. A photograph is not worth a thousand words. Population will remember and act on a good slogan, but a logo takes time to surely make an impression. But I see so many businesses who have nice logos without slogans.

Test, Test, Test
The next step is to take your new motto out for a ride, show it to a few Population and get some feedback. Compare it to the competition and get a feel for how the store will react to it. After doing all this work on it you'll know when you've hit on the right slogan, something just clicks.

Creating a good motto is hard work, but it's also fun. A good motto can last for decades and help make a firm very successful. Just remember to use it everywhere, on your logo, website, letterhead and firm cards.

How to Come Up With a Great Tagline Or catchword

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