What the Heck is Branding and Why Should I Care?

There's been a lot of buzz lately about branding. But what exactly is it, and who needs to do it? naturally put, a brand is what makes your company uniquely You! It's the way you present your company and how the world perceives it. And, importantly, it's the way your clients remember you when it comes time to make other purchase. Branding encompasses your key marketing messages and tagline, logo, marketing materials, image, and your clients' perfect feel with you from start to finish.

Do you think branding is just for those big companies, like FedEx and Coca-Cola?
No way! Branding is just as important to small company owner like us. By creating a
unique image and message, we tell the world what we're all about. And if potential
customers like what they see, they're sure to become money-making clients!

Email Letterhead

Okay, so you have a great logo, and you use it on your brochure and company card.
That's a great start to building an image for your company. But, have you taken it
any further? maybe you have a unique plan that identifies your company, or a
specific clientele, or a great buyer assistance policy.

However your brand yourself, make sure you're carrying it over to All aspects of
your business. Consistency in your image and message is so important to portray
your company's vision. When potential clients see your brochure or web site, they
get an idea of your services, your personality, your commitment to them as
customers, and the way you do business. Don't have an identity accident by mixing
messages. Stick to one key concept, and do it well!

Getting Started

While branding your company may seem overwhelming, it's admittedly quite simple! Ask
yourself these questions:

1. "What services or products do I offer?"

2. "What do people think when they hear my name?"

3. "What sets me apart from others in my field?"

4. "What do I want my clients to remember about their feel with me?"

5. "What type of clients do I want to work with?"

By answering these questions, you're on your way to determining not only your key
marketing message and tagline, but also your option client and unique position in
your industry.

Consistency over The Board
Are all of your connections with your clients consistent? Make a great presence
in your commerce by incorporating your branding into every opening for client

o marketing materials (brochures, company cards)

o web site

o letterhead and thank you notes

o newsletters and e-zines

o proposals, invoices, receipts, and other forms

o postcards and other keep-in-touch direct mail methods

o presentations, handouts, and report covers

o advertising and media interaction

o thank you gifts

o your 60-second commercial

o voice mail messages and on-hold music

o email signatures

o your personal appearance

Remember, your brand is your promise of the feel that your clients expect
and receive from you! I encourage each of you to take some time this month to
determine and voice your brand. You'll make it easy for your clients to have a
distinct thinking image of you. And not only will your clients better understand your
offerings, You will voice your position to yourself, helping with all hereafter
marketing efforts!

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What the Heck is Branding and Why Should I Care?

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