How to Add a Link from Google Maps to an Email

How to Add a Link from Google Maps to an Email Video Clips. Duration : 3.72 Mins.

This is for those not so good with computers. The video is what the title says. How to Add a Link from Google Maps to an Email, you use this same concept on anything though. I hope this helps someone and if there are any other computer questions you might have just leave a comment and i will try to do what i can. Thank You Meg for getting this started.

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Benthel School @ Lapu-lapu

Benthel School @ Lapu-lapu Video Clips. Duration : 13.67 Mins.

CARANZO DIGITAL SERVICES - Photography & Video for all... occasions Wedding, Debut, Birthday, Events and etc. DESIGN SERVICES - Digital Albums + Album Layout + Printing - Print Ads materials and promotions - Invitations - Corporate Letterhead & Calling Card WORKSHOP SERVICES - Photography Workshop .... understanding the Apperture, Shutter & ISO .... Elements of Composition - Photo Post Process / Photo Enhancement - for more inquires please pm me or email me at caranzo_digixpert@yahoo.com For our Photography & Video bookings and appointments Contact us: Tel: +63.32.5055192 / 511-1470 Glboe: +63.916.547.9012 / 916.440.8393 Sun: +63.932.3227210 Weblinks: www.caranzodigital.com www.flickr.com www.caranzophotography.multipl Wedding & Prenup Video MTV: caranzodigitalvideo.multiply.com Photo Archive: caranzodigital.blogspot.com

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Cool enterprise Name Ideas

Finding the right enterprise name is one of the hardest things to do, but if you conduct to find a Cool enterprise Name, it will be worth all the time and effort you put in.

A Cool enterprise Name will be the one that citizen remember! For anyone reason, that name will stick in people's minds and that's exactly where you want it to stick.


While mass media is a extraordinary thing, you can never replace the good old word of mouth. It spreads faster than a bad virus. Man A tells man B who tells ten others etc... And before you know it, your enterprise name has gone viral and the world and his wife knows.

Well just fantasize they are talking about your cool enterprise name. They are talking about it because they can't get it out of their head (a bit like an annoying tune).

So how do you find a Cool enterprise Name?

The main thing is to think exterior your box. Don't be a sheep. Be different, inventive, creative. Be humorous, everyone likes a laugh, and it's not only an ice breaker, citizen indubitably admire you for being different, and they'll remember you!

You need to love the enterprise name you select yourself. Write a list of about ten and run them by friends, family and colleagues. Get a general census of what rings people's bell and take your lead from there.

Go on the Internet and check out the competition. Use the yellow pages, newspapers, magazines etc. If you find some names you like, give them a twist and make them into a cool enterprise name.

The best cool enterprise names are commonly found in the least likely places. Be sure though to pick a name that will grow with your business. If you plan to progress your enterprise in the time to come make sure that your enterprise name is generic enough to cover any new ranges or products. It's no good having a enterprise name colse to cookers if you intend on selling fridges and dishwashers later on.

By incorporating all of these into one name to begin with, will save a lot of time, money and heartache down the road.

Cool enterprise Name Ideas


Personal Brandings Missing Link

Personal Brandings Missing Link Video Clips. Duration : 0.67 Mins.

www.thebrandedu.com personal branding, custom branded email, everyday branded email, letterhead for Outlook, email letterhead, email stationary, email stationery, stationery, stationary

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The 5 Most Cost Effective Ways to Promote Your Small Business

The 5 Most Cost Effective Ways to Promote Your Small Business Tube. Duration : 2.32 Mins.

intuit.me Old school is still the best school when it comes to cost-effectively promoting a small business today. According to Chris Mahlmann, CEO of Ideas in Motion Media, the most lasting and effectual ways to advertise yourself and your business are inextricably linked to connecting and engaging with customers. "Being in small business really means being in the business of the simplest forms of communication," Mahlmann argues, cautioning upstart entrepreneurs to avoid feeling that they have to spend large sums of money to attract and retain customers. "As a small business owner, the greatest investment you can make is your time, not your money," he advises, taking aim at what he considers to be the erroneous notion that modern small businesses should employ the same large-scale, automated, and mostly impersonal advertising techniques employed by much larger companies. "The humblest ways are still the best ways," Mahlmann adds, suggesting that every email, phone call, and hand-shake with a single customer is equally as important and potentially effective as a newspaper ad or billboard display meant to reach thousands. In a recent interview with the Intuit Small Business Blog, Chris Mahlmann shared what he considers to be the five most cost-effective ways to promote one's small business.

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How to Activate GODADDY EMAIL - FREE w/Domain Purchase

How to Activate GODADDY EMAIL - FREE w/Domain Purchase Video Clips. Duration : 7.43 Mins.

www.getcashfreeonline.com Click the Link above for more an exciting and lucrative opportunity. Get Cash Free Online. QVM Contact James Broadfoot 252-218-6180 Re Video Marketing Training Course and Affiliate Program. GODADDY.COM TUTORIAL How to Activate your free godaddy email extra...

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Subsidiary - Types, Advantages and Disadvantages

Subsidiary is a firm that is controlled by someone else firm through a parent child relationship. A firm is only said to be a subsidiary firm if the parent has controlling interest by owning over 50% of the issued share capital. A Subsidiary on its own may have subsidiaries. Subsidiaries are carefully cut off legal entities for taxation and regulation purpose.

Types of Subsidiaries - Three types of Subsidiaries can be formed namely:


-Public microscopic Liability
-Minimum Capital - Must be paid by the founders (minimum two members)
-Shares - Can issue nominative or bearer shares
-Management - Should have at least three directors. One director should be a permanent resident of the country
-Private microscopic Liability
-Minimum Capital - Must be paid by the founders
-Shares - Shares need to be nominative. Bearer shares cannot be subscribed
-Management - Managed by one or more managers
-Co-operative firm with microscopic liability
-Minimum Capital - Three partners are needed. One quarter of capital gift must be paid-in
-Shares - Shares are nominative
-Management - A co-operative firm with microscopic liability and managed by one or more managers

Parent firm - Subsidiary Relation

It is prominent that the subsidiary is recognized as an independent corporation managed by the board of directors even though it was incorporated by the parent company. This does not mean that the subsidiary is uncontrolled. The parent firm has the legal authority to hold the subsidiary accountable to meet the financial objectives.

For the Parent firm to control the independent subsidiary it should be:

-The sole shareholder
-Include voting control provisions in subsidiary article
-Prepare bylaws defining the authority of the officers, their term in the office and removal
-Prohibit bylaws amendment without shareholder's approval

Legal Risks

As long as the parent firm holds its subsidiary accountable for the expectations of its board of directors there is microscopic risk for the parent to be found liable for the wrong doings of the subsidiary. But, if the parent firm exercises inordinate control for example has the same board of directors, use of base letterhead, in such case the parent firm and the subsidiary are treated as one and the parent firm is responsible for the subsidiaries debts etc.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Subsidiary

-Considerable tax advantages and legal protections
-Ability to offset profits and losses of one part of a firm with another
-Some countries allow subsidiaries to file tax returns on the profits obtained in that country
-Liabilities and reputation claims are locked in that subsidiary and cannot be passed on to the parent company
-Allows for joint ventures with other associates with each owning a quantum of the new firm operation

-Legal paperwork complicated with creating a subsidiary can be lengthy and expensive
-Control also becomes an issue when a subsidiary is partially owned by someone else outside organization

Subsidiary - Types, Advantages and Disadvantages


About Writing Thank You Note to Boss

Are you fortunate sufficient to have the kind of boss who warrants a thank you note? If so, then writing thank you note to boss should come as a natural response to man you refer to as boss, owner or supervisor, who has treated you with kindness and respect in the workplace.

Yes, there will be times when you owe your boss a note of thanks, and when that time arrives it's nice to be able to reveal your thank yous in a personal way. You can be sure, your appreciation will be remembered and your boss will be truly grateful.


So, writing a thank you note to Boss can be best accomplished in the following ways:

* You can pick personal stationary or letterhead, either one would be appropriate.

* The way you greet your boss at work, is the way you should address him/her in your thank you note. For instance, if you call your boss Mr., Mrs or by his/her first name...well, you get the picture.

* Your thank you note wording should be short, concise and most importantly, it should be sincere.

* Let your boss know what you're thankful for. As an example, if your boss okay'd two days off to attend your sister's wedding then you would write "I want to thank you for taking the time to re-arrange my workload so that I could attend my sister's wedding".

* You can illustrate a slight additional with "Your understanding gave me such inspiration to faultless my tasks in progress of our current deadline".

* Close your thank you note in an proper manner like, "Thanks again for all of your support. Kind regards,"

* Sign the note with your name.

Other Tips When Writing Thank You Note To Boss:

* Handwritten words of appreciation are good - do not send an email. Special notes should always be handwritten.

* If you send the thank you note straight through the mail, make sure to mark it "Personal", so that no one in the office opens it - only your boss. Otherwise, place the thank you note on your boss's desk.

In today's economic climate, there are many reasons to be thankful in the workplace, and writing thank you note to your boss is a small but great gesture to show your appreciation.

About Writing Thank You Note to Boss


Memory Tactics

How many times have you walked into a room and seen familiar faces but cannot put a name to each man there? I think practically everyone I know is in the same boat with this one. I heard a story about a real disaster on a huge sale because the salesperson could not remember someone's name. The salesperson was sitting having lunch with a client and they were discussing an order for product. As the lunch terminated and the client had left, another client saw the salesperson at the table. He walked over to the salesman and said that he needed to have his usual order a month ahead of program and if could he look after it immediately. The salesman said no problem and was too embarrassed to ask for the client's name. After the second client left, the salesman scrambled colse to the restaurant trying to find out the name of the client.

No one knew who it was. He finally ran out of the restaurant to see the client driving away. He managed to get close sufficient to the car to write down the license number. Unfortunately the car belonged to man else. And so the story goes, it took him a great deal of time and exertion to track down the client's name. All he had to do was ask for his card so he could write down the order. Or even good yet ask for his name.


If you have trouble with names, but not faces, then you should convention using their name several times when talking to that person. The more often you use the name the easier it will be to remember.

Memory Tactics


How to Write a Letter From Santa (That the Kids Will Love)

Parents, grandparents, other relatives and friends can give the big guy a hand by writing a letter from "Santa" themselves, or by customizing a letter found on the Internet or in print.

You don't have to be a professional writer, or even know Santa personally, to write a letter in his name. Following are a few tips on how to write and gift a keepsake letter from Santa to the extra child in your life.


First, conclude what type of "voice" you want Santa to gift in the letter. Do you want a short note or a long letter? Would you like Santa to reference the birth of Christ? possibly you'd like to mix things up a bit and have the letter be from Mrs. Claus, Rudolph the reindeer or elves.

Santa has a good sense of humor, so don't hesitate to comprise a join of small jokes, such as, "I hope my reindeer didn't wake you up landing on the roof." However, with the potential irregularity of older children who can take a joke, a Santa letter is not the time to scold a child or throw out threats, such as no presents if children are "naughty."

Include specifics in the letter from Santa, but don't go overboard. (Santa comes with a small "mystery," and kids know this.) Children love to hear that Santa enjoyed the cookies they left, or that he remembers them from the shopping center. Praise for a child's accomplishments (working hard at school, patience with siblings, etc.) during the year could be nice to add. If the child wrote a letter, Santa should acknowledge that he got it and possibly acknowledge any questions posed in the letter.

Most importantly, write from the heart. If you're having trouble getting started, take a look at an existing letter from Santa and customize it to suit your family. You might want to mention the family pets, or alleviate concerns about not having a chimney. Mention how Santa is finding transmit to the visit, even though the child will be fast asleep.

"Santa" might want to remind children to get to bed early on Christmas Eve, and to remember that the holiday is about love, family or anyone your family's trust theory is.

Whether handwriting, typing or printing the letter from Santa, it's best to use quality, holiday-themed stationery. Stationery and letterhead is available to print for free online. Be sure to "sign" the letter as Santa, Santa Claus or S. Claus.

Once you have the letter from Santa written, you can send it to the child in the mail or just leave it out on Christmas Eve after the children are asleep. You could set it by the cookies that were left for Santa (be sure to take a bite out of a cookie!). Or, roll the letter up like a scroll, tie with a ribbon and place it in a Christmas stocking.

Whatever letter style or delivery method you choose, don't stress! Any child will be thrilled to get a personal letter from Santa.

Copyright 2008 by Kevin Savetz

How to Write a Letter From Santa (That the Kids Will Love)