About Writing Thank You Note to Boss

Are you fortunate sufficient to have the kind of boss who warrants a thank you note? If so, then writing thank you note to boss should come as a natural response to man you refer to as boss, owner or supervisor, who has treated you with kindness and respect in the workplace.

Yes, there will be times when you owe your boss a note of thanks, and when that time arrives it's nice to be able to reveal your thank yous in a personal way. You can be sure, your appreciation will be remembered and your boss will be truly grateful.


So, writing a thank you note to Boss can be best accomplished in the following ways:

* You can pick personal stationary or letterhead, either one would be appropriate.

* The way you greet your boss at work, is the way you should address him/her in your thank you note. For instance, if you call your boss Mr., Mrs or by his/her first name...well, you get the picture.

* Your thank you note wording should be short, concise and most importantly, it should be sincere.

* Let your boss know what you're thankful for. As an example, if your boss okay'd two days off to attend your sister's wedding then you would write "I want to thank you for taking the time to re-arrange my workload so that I could attend my sister's wedding".

* You can illustrate a slight additional with "Your understanding gave me such inspiration to faultless my tasks in progress of our current deadline".

* Close your thank you note in an proper manner like, "Thanks again for all of your support. Kind regards,"

* Sign the note with your name.

Other Tips When Writing Thank You Note To Boss:

* Handwritten words of appreciation are good - do not send an email. Special notes should always be handwritten.

* If you send the thank you note straight through the mail, make sure to mark it "Personal", so that no one in the office opens it - only your boss. Otherwise, place the thank you note on your boss's desk.

In today's economic climate, there are many reasons to be thankful in the workplace, and writing thank you note to your boss is a small but great gesture to show your appreciation.

About Writing Thank You Note to Boss

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