How to Write a Letter From Santa (That the Kids Will Love)

Parents, grandparents, other relatives and friends can give the big guy a hand by writing a letter from "Santa" themselves, or by customizing a letter found on the Internet or in print.

You don't have to be a professional writer, or even know Santa personally, to write a letter in his name. Following are a few tips on how to write and gift a keepsake letter from Santa to the extra child in your life.


First, conclude what type of "voice" you want Santa to gift in the letter. Do you want a short note or a long letter? Would you like Santa to reference the birth of Christ? possibly you'd like to mix things up a bit and have the letter be from Mrs. Claus, Rudolph the reindeer or elves.

Santa has a good sense of humor, so don't hesitate to comprise a join of small jokes, such as, "I hope my reindeer didn't wake you up landing on the roof." However, with the potential irregularity of older children who can take a joke, a Santa letter is not the time to scold a child or throw out threats, such as no presents if children are "naughty."

Include specifics in the letter from Santa, but don't go overboard. (Santa comes with a small "mystery," and kids know this.) Children love to hear that Santa enjoyed the cookies they left, or that he remembers them from the shopping center. Praise for a child's accomplishments (working hard at school, patience with siblings, etc.) during the year could be nice to add. If the child wrote a letter, Santa should acknowledge that he got it and possibly acknowledge any questions posed in the letter.

Most importantly, write from the heart. If you're having trouble getting started, take a look at an existing letter from Santa and customize it to suit your family. You might want to mention the family pets, or alleviate concerns about not having a chimney. Mention how Santa is finding transmit to the visit, even though the child will be fast asleep.

"Santa" might want to remind children to get to bed early on Christmas Eve, and to remember that the holiday is about love, family or anyone your family's trust theory is.

Whether handwriting, typing or printing the letter from Santa, it's best to use quality, holiday-themed stationery. Stationery and letterhead is available to print for free online. Be sure to "sign" the letter as Santa, Santa Claus or S. Claus.

Once you have the letter from Santa written, you can send it to the child in the mail or just leave it out on Christmas Eve after the children are asleep. You could set it by the cookies that were left for Santa (be sure to take a bite out of a cookie!). Or, roll the letter up like a scroll, tie with a ribbon and place it in a Christmas stocking.

Whatever letter style or delivery method you choose, don't stress! Any child will be thrilled to get a personal letter from Santa.

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How to Write a Letter From Santa (That the Kids Will Love)

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