Creating a Marketing Presentation Kit

A good marketing kit can get your foot in the door with a new client, or can help your company get some attentiveness through the press. Here are a few tips to help you get going.

Determining The Purpose:


Before you jump headlong into creating your presentation kit, you will want to put some belief into what the purpose of your kit will be. Who, for instance will be the intended audience? What is the goal, and how do you intend to use it? If you can, have a conversation with those citizen in your company (most likely your sales force) who are down there on the front lines every day and will be using the kit more than whatever else. Get as much of their input as you can, taking care to find out what it is that they believe will help them do their job better, carry more information more easily, and to get more sales. Then make sure that you contain or make these materials as need be.

Assembling the Material:

The types of material that you will want to contain are: a cover letter, a press release, a background and biographical page, a page of testimonials (from satisfied customers or clients), and any marketing collateral such as brochures, that you have already developed. Depending on the purpose of your kit, you may also want to contain price lists, fliers, extra promotions, press clippings, and awards as well as a high resolution company logo..

Make sure that the material you contain is fascinating to the eye, indeed readable, and contains plenty of graphics and photographs. If the purpose of your kit it to get press, photographs will make the jobs of the media outlets a lot easier. If the kit is to show to potential clients, photographs of the product in use or thumbnail sized head shots help the client to visualize the product in ask or to play up the human angle in your business.

Your press publish should read like a news story and contain quotes and touch information. There are lots of free tutorials online that will show you how to make a great press release, so check them out.

The background/bio page should consist of a brief company history and perhaps a list of noted clients or customers. You should also contain touch information for the major players at your company, and the cover letter should be personally signed by your top ranking officer.

You should also, of course, contain a company card. If the kit is going out to a hope or a current client, the salesperson's company card should be included. If the kit is going out to members of the press, the card should be that of your Pr man or company.

Printing and Binding:

All pages should be printed on high-quality company letterhead, and photos should be in color. As far as binding, there are many options including spiral coil, or you can simply place the pages inside an fascinating log folder. Binding machines, however, can give you a terminated product with a more pro appearance and permanent feel. They are cheap and easy to use, so you can tailor your kits to a definite audience and have them ready to go out the door at a moment's notice.

Creating a Marketing Presentation Kit

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