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Thank you for your interest in working with NuvoLogo. Because our company logo design? Well, we close a team of four designers, specializing in logo design and corporate identity for businesses, image-conscious. We begin each project by itself as a group and discuss. Ideas are initially sketched out on paper and discussed, and every designer has a number of conceptual ideas, research, their concept chosen to win a bonus fee for the project. Thispromotes a friendly competition always work with all their best on every project. * We usually offer 5-7 original design ideas within 48 hours with unlimited revisions * our projects, both the logo and stationery, as well as all vector graphics, which allows virtually unlimited reduced or enlarged without loss of quality of development. After completion we will send you a wide range of file formats and sizes for every need you have, is the embroidery, e-mail, vehicle graphicsPosters and packaging. * We do not outsource our projects unless the international fashion and strongly believe in the management of social enterprise. Nearly 10% of the profits of all design projects are donated or loaned out to Kiva Help FINCA international companies in poor countries and development. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you have at info@nuvologo.com, contact - a sort of Nu logo

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