5 Tips to Make Your Letterheads Sparkle

Are you suffering from boring and uninspired designs in your letterheads? While most really do not find letterhead printing quite engaging to warrant a full revamp of its design, there are some out there who like to impress and market themselves through creative letterheads. If you are one of those people who want their letterheads to look great and impressive than you are in luck. In this article we have five great tips for you to help get that letterhead sparkle.

1. Never use the boring letterhead template

The first step to better looking and impressive letterheads is to never use that boring letterhead template again. While templates are very useful and very convenient to use, it also can kill some of your creative skills. Templates basically tell you what to do with only a few limited options along the way for customization. So for the betterment of your letterheads, try to not use templates anymore.

2. Experiment with different design genres

With the templates dumped, you should now try to thread your way into new territory. For example, you can try experimenting with different design genres to make your letterheads look unique and impressive. For example, you can try using those modern designs with clean and straight strokes with a minimalist twist? Also, Asian styles are also getting popular and many designs today are using exquisite brush strokes and block printing. So why not try browsing for different design genres? You never know what might catch your fancy.

3. Go beyond the header dimensions

Now, to make your headers more interesting, you can break the natural header rule and go beyond its standard dimensions. Everyone usually sees the letterhead in set dimensions on top of the paper. This is because most print documents have a standard template with a specific dimension in mind for your letterheads. If you want your letterheads to sparkle and shine though, you can try suggesting an alternative printing strategy where your designs go beyond the usual letterhead dimension. This makes the letterhead bigger, letting you fit larger pictures, and ultimately gaining more impact on people.

4. Increase the size of your logos and images

Also, to add that little extra special for your letterheads you may want to increase the size of your logos and images, and then enhance them appropriately through image editing applications. Better and bigger images are always a good recipe for a great impression with the letterhead.

5. Use classy sparkling or glossy inks

Finally, you can literally add a shine and a sparkle to your letterhead. There are special papers and inks out there that your printer can use to produce letterhead designs that have small glittering substances, or glossy metallic inks. Letterheads that are made from such substances can be quite interesting indeed and it really has that special impact on people. This might be expensive a bit, but it is usually well worth the price in getting elegant looking letterheads.

So what are you waiting for? Get your letterheads to sparkle right now!

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