Tips in Designing Your Letterhead

Letterhead printing may be a simple task, however there are a few pointers you need to keep in mind so that you can make sure you will have an effective and nice looking letterhead. Some letterhead template can help you in creating decent letterhead designs, but they aren't as good as making your own custom letterhead. So it is highly recommended that you design your own. So without further ado, here are a few tips in letterhead printing design.

First don't forget the basics

The basics of a letterhead are pretty straightforward. First you have the firm's or organization's logo. This is usually the best and most useful thing to put in a letterhead. This tells people who will read the paper where it is from and of course that it is an official document. If your logo is not easily identifiable or you just want to add some specifics like a department name, it is also prudent to have some text with the name of the firm, organization or the department. This should compliment the logo with its supporting facts. For personal letterheads, the person's name and title within the firm or organization applies here too.

Include other important information

After the basics, you can also add other important information if you have the space. These added information can be contact numbers for telephones, mobile phones and fax. Email addresses can also be added as well as a firm's website address. Of course the actual "physical" address should also be added if applicable.

Use colors

Now, on to some decoration. If you have the budget for color letterhead printing then don't be afraid to use some color. A full color letterhead with a gleaming company logo is always a sight to behold. You can also add a few border touches to the letterhead like elegant lines and curves. If you want to be a bit casual and creative you can also add a few images of "cliparts" as long as it doesn't destroy the document's credibility.

Span the whole header

With all the things you can put in a letterhead you should pretty much span the whole header. However, there are a few letterhead designers out there that are afraid to fill the whole header out. They usually just put a logo and a name in one corner. Well that is all good and simple, but it isn't really special. Letterheads can be impressive if you want them to be. So go ahead and fill the header with color lines, brush strokes and maybe even a beautiful redesigned logo made especially for the letterhead.

Make a complimentary "letterfoot"

Lastly, symmetry plays a part in almost any kind of design. A footer is a good way to compliment your letterhead so try adding a "letterfoot" so to speak as well. Of course it doesn't have to be as detailed as the letterhead itself, but it can mirror a few key designs from it. If you put a few elegant border lines and curves for example, this can be mirrored in the bottom to add a beautiful symmetry to your document.

That should put you in the right direction in terms of letterhead printing. Don't forget to try out new things, but always keep in mind the whole point of a letterhead. Good luck!

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