Business Cards Design for Musicians

There are so many types of musicians out there that it is important to differentiate yourself on your business cards. So, what should musician business cards look like in order to get the necessary attention and portray a little bit of the story? The following suggestions are just a few ideas for musician business cards. Remember that color business cards are important for all musicians no matter what to grab attention.

Musical Notes

A great way to portray your commitment to the music industry is to place musical notes on your business cards. You could do this in a variety of ways from several small music notes on the card to lots of mini ones or just one large one. The color you choose will also reflect your musical style and should be considered. Also, almost any magician can get away with using musical notes on their business cards. This is good if you want generalized business cards.


If you are a guitarist and interested in letting your potential clients know that then printing up some musician's business cards with a guitar on it is a great idea. You could use electric or acoustic guitars or whatever best portrays your style and talent.


Singers can really get away with business cards that have a microphone on them. This could be just a single microphone or it could be an individual singing into a microphone. Regardless, the microphone shows one's commitment to song.

Other Designs

If you engage in some other type of music then consider using that instrument on your business cards. You can easily have business cards printed up to match what you want so come up with a good idea and take it to a business card shop and have it printed up.


Finally, you may chose to have a picture of yourself singing or playing or even with your band as part of your business card. Color business cards will really show off the picture and this is a great idea.

As a musician you must choose what type of musician business cards will work bet for your business and then have them printed up. Not having a card on you means you may lose business and that is the last thin you want to do. Just start thinking about your options and the suggestions already mentioned to help you come up with the best business card ever.

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