Video Email Has Arrived

Not too long ago we all were panicking over Y2K and the end of the world how we knew it. Vendors rushed software updates to their clients at enormous price increases so that their "potential" crisis with the year 2000 was averted. Well, here I sit writing this note and I can't for the life of me remember if anything really did happen that night or the next day. But one thing is clear and that is that we as a nation and as a world are tied very close to the internet and all that it has to offer both the good and the bad. So where is it all going? When will we get rid of the obvious like the Keyboard?

Internet speed is also a key ingredient to a high quality delivery. Well, in the past 10 years we have seen dial up go from 56K bps to Cable modem speeds of over 10MB for the residential market. For those still waiting for cable or dsl there is DirecTv Satellite service. Although not as fast as dsl or cable it clearly is a good solution versus dial up at 56K speeds. With faster connections we can conquer the Video requirements needed to broadcast the messaging. Picture working within Outlook with voice recognition and a web cam? The possibilities are endless to the level of efficiency we can drive from this combination.

Logical next steps you ask? Glad you did. We found many solutions out there at various levels of delivery and capability. One such company is Talk Fusion. They have what appears to be the first step in getting us there. No one wants to sign up to a solution that is File Attached video emails. We would quickly run out of space. What Talk Fusion has done is develop a hosted service where the video clip arrives at its destination as a url and the person viewing the message simply clicks and then watches the video email. A nice next step. Business can now get more personal with their prospects and clients by providing that human element once again. So if you take what they have done as a service and now stretch the imagination a bit you can see that this company has the foundation to go the next step and this is to eliminate the need for a keyboard. We cannot wait!

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