How to Write a Quick & Easy Car Repo Letter

On your own letterhead paper write or print out a consideration which includes the name, address, and phone amount of the defaulted client. construe that you have attempted to experience them to no avail. Advise that they must experience you in order to come to a resolution to their superior payments.

List the car that is in examine along with its Vin number.


Give a final date that all past due payments are due by (labeled "last date for payment") and the amount due to catch payments up (labeled "amount now due"). construe that:

"If you pay the amount now due by the last date for payment you may continue with the ageement as though you were not in default. If you do not pay by that date, we may rehearsal our proprietary under law, along with involuntary repossession of the car in which we hold a protection interest."

Remember that as time passes until the due date you assign more payments due may accumulate. Include in the letter that by the due date these payments will also be due and list each payment by amount and general scheduled due date, i.e. "date due_______ amount _______"

After listing these payments that will obtain by the final due date construe that:

"In order to fully cure your account, and in order to prevent the rehearsal of our legal proprietary under the law, the payment or payments listed above must Also be paid in full on or before the last due date for payments"

Inform that even if the catalogue is caught up you still have the right to take performance in the event that payments fall behind again within a designated amount of time:

"If you are late again within the next____weeks in manufacture your payments, we may rehearsal our rights, along with repossession, without sending you someone else consideration like this one."

Explain your proprietary to obtain added monies owed under the lien contract:

"The proprietary we may rehearsal under the law Include repossession of the motor car securing this debt. If the motor car is repossessed, whether voluntarily or involuntarily, it may be sold and you may owe the contrast between the net proceeds from the sale and the remaining balance due under the contract."

Ask the client to experience you right away if they have any questions.

Close the letter with:

"If we do not hear from you within___days, we will have no selection but to put out a Repossession Order on the vehicle."

Sign it and have it notarized.

Mail the letter certified with delivery confirmation and return address requested. This way you have 2 ways of confirming and proving that they did receive the consideration in case legal questions arise after the repossession.

You also obtain any forwarding address if the client has moved so that you can more assuredly search the vehicle. The return address requested will send the letter back to you if they have moved instead of being forwarded to them.

If payment has not been made and you are ready to repossess the car you need to write or type a Repossession Order. This will state the following:

Repossess Order

[Phone number]

Default of contract
[vehicle year, make, model, Vin]
Net Payoff Balance: [Total bottom line balance owed]
Repo fee: [$ amount of the repo fee you charge]
Storage fee: [$ amount of the warehouse fee you charge]
Damage: [$ amount of any damage known to be done to the vehicle] You may also write Tbd or To Be considered here
Total: Add up all of these amounts and enter the total here

The named buyer is in default of installment loan ageement and payment is under uniform and commercial state and local codes exterior installment contract.

We agree to indemnify and save [your name/business name] unobjectionable from and against all claims damages, losses, and actions resulting from or arising out of our efforts, except as may be caused by negligence or unauthorized acts by our agents representing us.

Dealer Authorizing Repossession

[your name/business name, address, and phone amount here]

Notarize at the bottom

-Make a copy of the order for your records and give the order to your repossession agent (the person performing the actual car acquisition).

Note that -

* If you result these steps you will have done a legal repossession.
* Many people do not send a declaration letter because many times a client will attempt to hide the car once they have received a letter like this, especially if they have no intentions of paying.
* Most people are unaware of their proprietary when it comes to a car repossession so they usually don't description person who has not followed proper procedure, however, If you do not send the certified letter notifying them of their default and giving them occasion to make payment they have grounds to description you to the state's Dmv Dealer Services and the state's Attorney general which can result in you being fined as well as taken to court for violating repossession laws.
* Keep in mind that some states do not allow a repossession to take place on underground property if the repossession agent is asked to leave (some states require him/her to leave and for you to obtain a court order).
* Some states have no restrictions on group property.
* Some states forbid repossession to take place at a client's place of employment.
* Be sure to check exact repossession laws pertaining to your state.

How to Write a Quick & Easy Car Repo Letter

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