story point media amination demo

story point media amination demo Tube. Duration : 3.92 Mins.

Find the Truth, Keep it Simple, Tell the Story The Story Point Media Professionals are a team of new media designers and "storytellers" dedicated to effectively communicating your message through the power of narrative. We make your story the point of your message. After all, "it ain't the container, it's the content." WE LISTEN to your story and the goals you seek to achieve with its message. WE DEVELOP your message using established or new media technology where it can best enhance understanding of that message. WE COMMUNICATE your message to your targeted audience by telling your story in an innovative and dynamic manner, shaping it to resonate with them, encouraging their desired response. A unique feature of Story Point Media is we intentionally structured the company with a network of affiliated independent media contractors to keep client organization's costs down while still being able to provide them with the most advanced new media services, when necessary. This method preserves our flexibility to offer a client a variety of professional new media services through our national network of media industry experts. Story Analysis Script Writing Digital Video Production Film Production Interactive CD Rom Creation DVD Creation Web Page Production specializing in: Flash, HTML, CSS Layers, Database 3-D Animation 2-D Animation Motion Graphics Streaming Media In Store Promotion and Training Logo and Letterhead Design Brochure Design Interested Email Jon Menick at Jmenick ...

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