Turning a Resume Into an Interview Call

A resume you submit could be one of dozens, if not among hundreds of other resumes a potential owner receives as he sifts through to a short list of the job interview candidates. So if your resume is not that exciting or impressive, chances are it's going to get to the archive file.

There are lots of available references on resume writing online - sadly these template formats won't usually get yours to the top of the active file. So here are a few helpful pointers that will give your resume the great edge than all the rest.


First, your resume should be clearly and neatly printed and should corollary a format that's easy to read. The fonts should be large, clear and professional. Avoid using fancy type fonts. It's best to stick to the safe ones such as Arial 12 or Times Roman 11 or 12. Both these fonts work well on a hard copy or on emailed resume formats.

If you are to send a hard copy, use high potential plain stationery. Never make the mistake of using your current employer's letterhead and envelope. As much as possible, have it hand delivered or sent through a reliable courier aid and not the metered postage.

Proofread your resume well so it does not reflect a particular misspelled word or typo error. Remember, you are selling yourself and a particular error will turn me off, if I'm head of the human reserved supply department. Resume submission is like a marriage proposal - it's a make or break thing, so I will expect anything to put in consummate diligence in its preparation.

Provide your important contact details that comprise a postal mail and email address, a landline and movable phone amount and your corporal address. Don't put in too many - just the ones where you are most reachable. So make sure the email address you furnish is one that you check on a daily basis. Having too many contact details doesn't make it all impressive. On the contrary, it may stir up a petite controversy why you profess some email accounts or movable phone numbers.

Include a farranging work highlight quantum in your resume, beginning from the most up-to-date positions you hold down to about what's important to relay to your potential employer. If you have stellar accomplishments such as enhancing farranging each year sales by 30%, mention them. But be sure you furnish verifiable facts and not tall tales.

Don't leave out your basic educational qualifications, even if it was 20 years since you left college. All employers will want to know what your preparatory background was, so instruction will never cease to be an leading aspect of a resume.

Don't make promises or statements on why they should hire you on your resume. You may soft-sell yourself on a resume cover letter, but never within the resume body. Remember, a resume should only comprise facts, not proposals or promises.

Turning a Resume Into an Interview Call

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