20 means Facebook can advice your ""Business Make Money Online""

20 means Facebook can advice your ""Business Make Money Online"" Video Clips. Duration : 0.90 Mins.

millionairmission.com 843-270-2679 20 ways Facebook can help your Business Make Money Online. web2point0freemarketing.blogspot.com Your business can Really Make Money Online, Facebooks not for just for keeping in touch with friends. Its a powerful business tool for fining and building relationships between you and your clients. Facebook is more powerful than you think. I help people understand and learn to brand themselves and there businesses online. If you are realizing that your business is loosing money by not having a presence online than use Facebook . These 25 steps will help your business make money online 24/7 for free. 1.Fill out your profile completely, and don't skip steps! 2.Create a Fan Page. This will be for business. 3.Read the Facebook rules regarding business accounts. 4.Make sure to set privacy setting for safety. 5.Make a separate friends lists for business and friends 6.Click on the boxes tab and add videos 7.Post any newsletters or press releases in your profile. 8.Obtain a Facebook vanity URL It makes things easier. 9.Add your facebook url to all marketing pieces. (Business cards, letter head, emails sigs, etc..) 10.Post all of your business updates to your wall. Anything you want people to know. 11.Share valuable content related to your business. Things that you find interesting. Your not the only person interested. People will like you. 12.Add twitter and LinkdIn to facebook. These are 2 you really will want in you arsenal. 13.Read profiles and ...

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