YLOD PS3 Slim Tube. Duration : 1.53 Mins.

Update to my 60 gig... 8/18/2009 DOD 2:30 AM 8/18/2009 Called Warranty provided number start my case. open 24/7 8/19/2009 received email with instruction on what to expect Pasted below 8/21/2009 Got Snail Mail UPS label.. expected email label, 24 hours after above noted email. 8/21/2009 called Asurion concerning boxing instruction. Told no go, asked for Super.. told no go.. 8/21/2009 called Warranty provider to remind them of the Bold Lettered statement "NO OUT OF POCKET EXPENSE" Super.. good to go.. 8/21/2009 shipped my PS3 in the PS3 box 8/24/2009 tracked my packaged UPS web "Delivered" Morning 8/24/2009 received automated call "delivered" 5:43 PM 8/28/2009 UPS drops off shipment 4:45 PM 8/28/2009 System unboxed, powered on, check PSN messages. I shut her down. 8/28/2009 Called Warranty provider number ask for confirmation of warranty length, as well as documented, letterhead stating what exactly was repaired 8/28/2009 received a automated call with (belated new) tracking number. Yes the package had arrived prior to the dispatch as described. 9/16/2009 FTC Complaint against Asurion for not providing details on work performed on unit. 10/1/2009 PS3 is YLOD again. No extensive gaming. NEW ARC unable or unwilling to process warranty claim upon call. Must wait for a Corporate Supervisor to call me back. Called Asurion direct to process against 90 day warranty Claim. 11/17/2009 YLOD ~ 17 hours of gameplay over the past several weeks. MGS4 ~ system powered off within 9 ...

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