How Much Does Marketing Cost?

Many small enterprise owners disregard marketing because they feel it is too expensive or it is only for large companies. Marketing consists of a lot of dissimilar elements some of minuscule or no costs and some with some vast costs. If you use your resources and creativity, you can apply a few key marketing activities, reduce costs, and be extremely successful.

Below is a list of varied marketing items and the range of costs associated with each. Following the table is more facts about some key marketing items that are Required for any business.


Marketing activity - Cost Range

Newspaper Ads - - ,000

Magazine Ads - 0 - ,000

Newsletter Ads - - ,500

Direct Mail - $.05 - .00 (per piece)

Radio Ads - - ,000 (per ad)

Tv Ads - - ,000

Sponsorships - 0 - ,000

Seminars - - ,000

Conferences - ,000 - 0,000

Tradeshows - 0 - ,000

Web Ads - $.05 - ,000

The list above is just a short list of some of the ways you can spend your marketing budget, and as a small enterprise owner, I know that some of these look too expensive and out of reach. In fact, some of these I advise small businesses never together with in their marketing mix, but every enterprise must have the basic construction blocks of marketing.

Every enterprise must have identity collateral, and these pieces need to look professional, polished, and appropriate. The basic construction blocks of small enterprise marketing are logo, enterprise card, letterhead, brochure, and website.

There are many associates that use just these five items to deal with their marketing. They rely heavily on a sales force and these five items are all that they need. These five items are also the things your customers will see every time they interact with you. When you meet a possible client, you give them a enterprise card, which also has your logo on it. When you mail an invoice, your logo is included. If you mail any type of sales letter, it will be on your letterhead. When a buyer asks for more information, you will give them a brochure. Finally, 66% of consumers go to the web before making any type of purchase, so you will have a website with your logo and facts available for searching.

Just about every active enterprise has these things, but most don't have consistent professional pieces. More times than not, small enterprise owners originate each of these construction blocks themselves and only as they need them. In between the other daily tasks of the business, these owners lose sight of consistency with their marketing materials.

These five basic materials are part of what marketing costs, because they are affordable, sometimes free, to create. If they are created professionally, they establish and demonstrate your brand and image, and they foster a great feeling in your customers towards your company. Although you can spend a critical estimate of money of varied marketing activities, which are critical for many small businesses, the logo, enterprise card, letterhead, brochure, and website are required. together with these five items in your enterprise plan is not a hard thing to do should be determined early in planning.

How Much Does Marketing Cost?

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